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Genius idea

A genius idea. Will put some in my 72 hour kit and share with my son.

Love This

This is a great alternative to the bulky keychain method of the past. I love to hand these out to others in my ward and family. Thanks for thinking this up. I always have oil on me now in my wallet and car and am prepared if duty calls. Thank you!

I think it is a god idea, but ai thought it would be a permanent solution not a one ti,e only use


Finally something discreet and easy to carry with you. I bought a bunch of these for my friends at work for the Hollidays. Perfect gift for dudes who don’t necessarily like an oil vile. Love the product.

Love it

I bought a case for my husband and son-in-law. They love the convenience of having fresh oil at the ready. We gave some to the missionaries to try. Our grandson is preparing to leave d he's asking where his oil vault case is. Great idea!


This product really is inspired! I bought several so I could take them to an upcoming family reunion and give one to everyone. All of us (men and women alike) should carry one of these. You never know when there is a need. I’m sure everyone has witnessed the mad scramble for oil. Many of the sisters can relate to cleaning oil stains out of our husbands dress slacks. Never again. This is a wonderful way to be prepared, not only for the brethren but also for the sisters.

Everyone Should Have These

This product is genius! Everyone close to me (Male and Female) now has one. I think we should take preparation seriously, it shows the "works" to our faith in the priesthood and in Christ. That doesn't mean me have to work hard. The old adage says "work smarter, not harder", this is not only smart, it's genius! Every member of the church should have one. I love the product so much that I bought one for every adult member of my ward. The design is perfect, and super durable! I love that it has instructions on it so those that forget have a quick reference, especially in emergency situations when things slip the mind easily. Last weekend I was snowmobiling and everyone in my group had one. It was truly great to know that if any accident was to happen to any of us, we were prepared to administer. Just like we should be reading the scriptures and praying every day, we (as priesthood holders) should be preparing for the time we are called upon to give a blessing. This product is awesome, get one for everyone you know! I keep one in the back of my phone case and one in my wallet, I always have at least one of those with me at all times so I'm always ready. I can't recommend it enough.

Great idea

Convenient to have at all times. What did I do before!?!?


Best way to always have oil with you, whether you are male or female.


Finally there is a way to be prepared for the unexpected anywhere, anytime. And to have the wording on the outside is especially helpful in stressful situations. How fantastic to have this product. Several went into my husbands wallet and into our "Go Bags". I now have peace of mind that we are more prepared for whatever comes. Thank You for this great service.

No more oil guilt!

Its only happened twice in my life, but when someone asks me if I have oil and I have to say no... well, I feel awful. And I don't love carrying extra bulk in my pocket, so I love that I can leave the vial at home! Bought extras to give as gifts and another for my 72 hour kit. Thanks Oil Vault!

A great, useful and appreciated gift.

Love them!

We have used these for quite a while now! Works perfectly and they have been so handy for travel, on the go and at home. I do wish you would bring back the wording on the outside. That was really helpful and convenient.

6so much for so little

I am amazed about how clever this product is. How many times has an Elder in the LDS church been in a situation where there is a need for some type of blessing only to discover no one has any consercted oil? This will completely eliminate that as a possible issue as it is easy to have 1 or 2 of them at all times. They fit into a man’s wallet like a credit card. They are sealed so that the packet won’t open until you are ready to use it. I His d tried using other methods to carry a bit of oil with me, but none of those methods really worked out well. This product has eliminated the problems and made it possible for anyone to have consercsted oil whenever needed.

Very nice... The instructions on the product are helpfu.

Peace of mind

I ordered a handful of these. I was thrilled to receive my order and see how much attention to detail is put into these. I actually received the new oil vaults and I love the look and design of them
While .99 per vault may seem a little expensive, this isn't the oil I use for every blessing. The Oil Vault is something I carry around in case I ever find myself in a situation in which I don't have easy access to my regular oil. It gives us peace of mind knowing that at any time, we can give/receive an anointing and blessing. My wife and I have placed these in numerous places to make sure that we have anointing oil regularly available (e.g. my wallet, her wallet, in our car, in the diaper bag, etc.)


My husband and family loved the oil vaults! They loved the idea of keeping them in their wallets. I think it’s great the backside has instructions. They are very thin and convenient. Great price too!

Exactly what I ordered!

A customized leather wallet for only $29.99 is a steal! I ordered the temple outline wallet for my boyfriend for Christmas. I wanted his temple and his endowment date on the front, and his name on the back. I have to admit, there was some nail-biting for a few weeks while I wondered if Oil Vault would understand my instructions. Not to mention, there was a delay in shipping due to a large number of orders during that time. But I should've relaxed because despite the delay, they still got it to him on time, and the customization was exactly what I wanted. I'm very grateful! And he loved it! I didn't get to see it in person, but he said it's a high quality wallet that holds quite a bit. He showed me pictures and raved about it. This is a perfect gift if you're looking for something that's both practical and sentimental. Highly recommend.


I bought some of these oil vaults for my husband for Christmas. Such a great idea! We have already had an occasion where it came in handy. Thanks for helping us be able to follow through with promptings easily and swiftly.


The men I gifted these to loved them! Super excited to use them!

5 Star


Love Oil Vault

I was first introduced to Oil Vault by a friend during a priesthood blessing. I loved the idea of how Oil Vault simplified the process of carrying oil and having it available at all times. I have tried multiple other carrying methods, but none have worked consistently. I ordered Oil Vault for myself and my brothers/dad as gifts. The order came quickly and as described. I’ve stored my Oil Vaults in multiple places including my wallet (of course), my car, and my wife’s car so now I’ll always be ready to use my priesthood when needed.

Haven't gotten it

so I can't review it.

Missionary set

These are great to send out with our Elders. Thank you for creating them.

Answer to a recurring problem

Thank you for the innovative and extremely convenient solution to an embarrassing problem. The request for or the need to perform a blessing is oft-times unplanned and the never present oil vial is not present. You were inspired to provide this solution.