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Great new product

The title says it all. Also, the time from placing an order to receiving the product was exceptional.

Love this product!

I was introduced this to Oil Vault about six weeks ago. I bought a bunch and have already ran out because I keep handing them out to my friends and families. What a great idea!

Should have been done a long time ago

I was just thinking someone should come out with single use oil. That week a friend showed me this.

Put one in my wallet, one in the cars, and gifted one to the households I minister

Bonus - since they are not consecrated, can be used on salads!

SO convenient!

So convenient and very popular with all the brethren in EQ! The only suggestion I have is to consecrate the oil so we don’t have to. It's easy enough to use now though.

Great little packets of oil

Love these things. I bought 20 of them and have started giving a few away. Every time, he is happy to get one and he puts it into his wallet. I'm glad that it won't spill and is thinner than a credit card. It fits great in the wallet.


Its worth the price and easy to put in your wallet

These are perfect!

My husband was recently called as Bishop of our ward and I bought him some Oil Vaults. He has given them to his counselors and to the Stake President. You never know when your key chain will run out of oil. These are a great backup to have in wallet. I also keep one in my purse just in case my husband for some reason doesn't have his. He always does, but once again you never know!

Very handy, wish they had white packaging

These a so convenient to keep -- without the bulk of a vial.
I do wish they had kept the original white packaging. It's just personal preference, but white seemed more "pure" (like white temple clothing).


Love this product! So glad it exists! I wish everyone could know this product exists!

We love these!

Many times when my husband was critically ill, we needed a blessing. I'm grateful when we have these with us, the blessing isn't delayed while they find oil!

Great product, great service!

Great customer service and love the product!

Great product

I love these oil vaults. Have shared them with many people.

Best idea ever!!

I gave these to all the priesthood holders in my family for Christmas and they LOVED them! My husband travels quite a bit and the packet in his carry on is over a year old and still looks brand new!

Mission gift set

I love my gift sets. I ordered three, one for my son and two for his friends. They all look amazing. I will be ordering more. I was kept informed of shipping. Excellent product and company

fast delivery

second tine i otder from the site, great product

Black Oil Vaults
Easy to use!

I am pleased with my Oil Vault order! Easy to use and instructions to follow. I have several and will order more. I have some in each vehicle and in my first aid kits.

LDS Engraved Wallet

Best wallet i have ever had
Well made

Black Oil Vaults
Very Pleased!

I am really pleased with these packets. The viles my husband had attached to his key chain would unscrew an leak out. These are a perfect solution.

Black Oil Vaults
(addendum to previous review)

The instructions on the Oil Vault still contain the grammatical error that I have already pointed out to Oil Vault several times.

Thank you for your persistent feedback. As we have discussed numerous times with you, we interpret the grammar rules you cite to differently than you do. While we will likely continue to use the same grammar for the instructions, we appreciate your enthusiasm for the English language.
Black Oil Vaults
No Tracking?

Not pleased to find that when I clicked Track Order, it doesn't track. Chatting with Oil Vault, I learned they don't track small orders. Change your email in this regard.

White Oil Vaults
exactly as pictured

really pleased, happy i got the pink holder, now i can find it in my purse! my Bishop was impressed when i showed it to him.
he had seen your ad on his mission page.

Black Oil Vaults
Great Idea

Great and rapid service. Much more convenient than a vial and much less messy. Easy to carry and easy to use.

Rose Pink Gift Cases
good deal

exactly as advertised! in my purse already.

Black Oil Vaults
Great Idea.

Great Idea but when I ordered 10 white and 10 black, I received 20 black... what's up with that.

Black Oil Vaults
Keep us prepared at any moment

Love how simple and portable these are!!