An Oil Vial that goes in your wallet/backpack/first-aid kit
Engraved missionary gift case

Black Gift Cases

A personalized gift case that is the perfect companion when giving Oil Vaults as a gift.

Each case holds up to 7 Oil Vaults.

To personalize the gift case:

1. Choose one our designs.


2. Design Your Own Case - Click the design your own Case/Wallet button below.

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    Our Case Designs:

    Our Designs
    SLC Temple
    Return with Honor
    i'm a mormon
    Stand as a Witness
    Design Your Own Case
    Design your own gift case
    Create your own personalized gift case and we will laser engrave gift case just for your. A great LDS gift for any priesthood holder!
    Holds lots of Oil Vaults
    Each gift case holds up to 7 Oil Vaults
    Polished Stainless Steel
    Each gift case is made from high-quality polished stainless steel. The gift cases look great as a gift for anyone.

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