LDS wallet personalized with and LDS temple
LDS leather wallet with personalized families are forever
Handmade leather LDS wallet with 6 B attitudes
Leather Wallet engraved with In God We Trust
Personalized LDS leather wallet customized with return with honor
Customized LDS wallet engraved with Christ in the center of our home
Handmade Leather Wallet
Handmade Leather Wallet

Handmade Leather Wallet

Looking for the perfect wallet that reflects who you are. Get a wallet with an engraved LDS message that is personalized to you.

Enter the name of the missionary and/or mission area they are serving in in the text box.
Temple Outline
Enter the name of the temple and any text you want in the text box.
Stand as a Witness
In God We Trust
6 Bs
Return with Honor
Christ is the Center
Families are Forever
Never too small
Lasts Forever
The wallets are laser engraved so that they will last a long as the wallet (i.e. forever).
Each wallet is handmade with genuine leather. The wallet is made of the highest quality leather to last as long as the Oil Vaults do (years!).
Suede Wallet
Each wallet is with suede material. The wallet is made of high quality suede material.
Inside the Suede Wallet
The Suede wallets have several slots for credit cards and Oil Vaults. They also have sleeves for money.
Money Clip Wallet
The Money clip wallets is made from high quality imitation leather.
Inside the Money Clip Wallet
The Money clip wallets includes a clip in the center to hold your money and slots for credit cards and Oil Vaults.
An Oil Vial that goes where you go!
Oil Vaults go in your wallet, backpack, and 72-hour kit.

Customer Reviews

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Exactly what I ordered!

A customized leather wallet for only $29.99 is a steal! I ordered the temple outline wallet for my boyfriend for Christmas. I wanted his temple and his endowment date on the front, and his name on the back. I have to admit, there was some nail-biting for a few weeks while I wondered if Oil Vault would understand my instructions. Not to mention, there was a delay in shipping due to a large number of orders during that time. But I should've relaxed because despite the delay, they still got it to him on time, and the customization was exactly what I wanted. I'm very grateful! And he loved it! I didn't get to see it in person, but he said it's a high quality wallet that holds quite a bit. He showed me pictures and raved about it. This is a perfect gift if you're looking for something that's both practical and sentimental. Highly recommend.