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An Oil Vial that goes in your wallet.

Also goes in 72-hour kits, first-aid kits, luggage, or purses | FREE SHIPPING on all orders

Steps to using an Oil Vault

Take out your oil vault

Open and consecrate the oil

Perform the blessing

Top Questions about Oil Vaults

Are Oil Vaults Already Consecrated?

No. Consecrating oil is personal  for each priesthood holder. After opening the Oil Vault, consecrate the oil and perform the blessing.

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What if I already have a keychain Oil Vial?

Glad you are prepared! Now you can carry oil in your Wallet | 72-Hour kit | First-Aid Kit | Luggage | Where ever you go

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How Long do they last?

2+ years. The Oil Vaults have been tested to last for 2 years. Most last longer than 2 years, we just like to play it safe.

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What if I forget the words?

A new Elder or don't give blessings often? It can be nerve racking to give a blessing. The back of each packet has the words to consecrate and give the blessing.

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